The top-4 things you need to know so you can navigate the markets today and start the week smoothly

1. Crude Oil is still going down.

After last month’s gap caused by OPEC and partners announcement on OIL supply cut, Crude OIL price had been very active first with a significant increase before starting to drop last week. It seems like sellers are controlling the markets because it opened today losing 1% again. Oil is trading at $76 per barrel and sellers are targeting $70 the support level, especially now that inflation numbers and popping up everywhere around the globe.

2. US Dollar jumped last Friday after PMI data release.

The Markets have been struggling recently due to the recent interest hike in the US, Last Friday home builders confirmed the strength in the building sector recomforting the market participant and the result was USD jumping more than 50 pips against the JPY . Will buyers continue to push the currency up? A good answer to the question is given by the positive PMI release from S&P global.

3. Bitcoin jumped by more than 300 USD today.

Bitcoin has not stopped taking profit since the Asia session opening this morning distancing itself from markets concerns about banking crisis and US interest raise. Bitcoin has already recovered more than 10% of its losses of last week in just a few hours.

4. EURO is continuing to outperform.

Against other currencies in the G10 group, the EUR is showing signs of weakness. The ECB has the pressure to increase the interest rate in EUROPE after the better-than-expected economic growth forecast in the EU zone. The next policy meeting is on May 4th and we expect a raise of 0.25% . NOW looks like the perfect moment to take position on the markets and trade EURO.

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